Sell My House For Cash

We make selling your home as fast and painless as possible.

Looking to sell your home In El Paso County? View our home buying process below to see how simple we really make it.


If you want to sell your house fast, then we offer services for buying houses as is with cash.


The entire process of selling a home to a cash buyer is fast tracked because some financial aspects that cause delays are eliminated.


Choosing any other means of transaction makes the process laborious. With our services you can choose to sell your home.

Valuation of the Property

If you are a cash buyer, there is a lot of conveniences you are offering to the seller. When you pay cash, it entails a shorter closing with a higher level of certainty in the purchase happen. One of the advantages of choosing cash over any other means of transaction is that there is a high probability of getting good discounts.

As a seller, evaluating the property correctly and posting a good price will attract a lot of home buyers. There are online appraisal tools you can take advantage of, along with our expertise. A comparative market analysis will always be helpful in determining the value of a property. It will not be difficult to buy houses in texas with our professional appraisal to accurately value the home. 


How Do You Sell to a Cash Buyer?

Our team will review the information you have provided and schedule a quick visit to see your property.

Once we’ve walked through your property, we’ll present you with an all-cash offer immediately.

Once you’ve accepted our offer, you’ll get to select the closing date. What works for you, will work for us.

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Making an Offer

Houses in sugar land tx are selling like hotcakes so making your move in time makes all the difference. They assist you in making a valid offer based on your property evaluation to any interested buyer for a hassle free process. At first, we will require you to fill out the form outlining the specifications of your offer. 

We will then provide you with interested buyers who are going to pay in all cash. A great part of choosing our services for selling and buying houses in sugar land is that you can get a property as is without making any changes. You can also decide to buy ugly houses and sell them onward without making any change to the property.

Comparing the Offer and Negotiating

Once you have evaluated the property value and gotten a cash offer, you need to review the price. When you set out to buy houses for cash,  you need to assess the offer in terms of the property value and other factors we will help you out with.

If you have always wondered, ‘What should be the price for selling my house?’ Along with selecting the ride offer, you also need to read the fine print to know the details of the contract. You have to factor in the closing costs, which can be done through the assistance of a reliable real estate agent. Do not get swept into the allure to sell your house fast without finding the legitimacy of the offer.

Signing the Contract

Once you have looked into the legitimacy of the offer, it is time to move further with the contact. Always remember to see the fine print and see if the buyer proposes a standard contract or not. When you buy houses in sugar, you need to review the terms of the contract via a legal liaison to help you make a good deal. As a buyer, make sure to create a contract with the deposit amount, purchase price, and closing date.

Signing Closing Documents

After a home inspection and negotiation on its basis are done, the final contract is created. With cash as the medium, closing is easy and fast. When you use cash to finalize the deal and sign the final documentation, the sale becomes faster to close.


Once you have decided to make the purchase of a house in cash, you should come right to the experts. We at EP Sell Now have experience in handling the unique requirements of a sale. We will curate a list of requirements and help you find the right buyer. We are a buy houses company that will assist you in negotiating, signing, and clearing the terms of the purchase. Looking through the history of the house to make a direct sale is also important.

Get a Fair Cash Offer Now!

As soon as you contact us with your property details, our team gets right on your project. We assess the value of the house to provide you with a fair price as per the market value of the property. Our services include faster response time, no realtor commissions, and no extra fees. We will include the deposit amount in the contract along with the closing date and the purchase price. 

If you want to sell fast, we will work according to your schedule so that nothing is delayed on our watch. When we buy houses in sugar land, we ensure that all the contracts are legally mandated and well maintained to facilitate a comfortable sales process. We will offer you assistance every step of the way to get you the best price.

Get A Fair Offer For Your Home in 30 Minutes or Less!