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“My sister and I inherited our mother’s home and we needed to liquidate the property quickly to settle the estate. Unfortunately my mom was a hoarder and left us with a property that needed a lot of work. We couldn’t do the work ourselves and we didn’t have the extra money to put into the property so we were stuck. I called a Realtor and he said he couldn’t list the property until it was cleaned up. He gave me a list of items that needed to be done before he could proceed. I was devastated and didn’t know what to do. I got a postcard in the mail and decided to make the call. I was so happy to meet Sergio and the EP Sell Now Homebuyers team. They gave me a fair cash “as is” offer right on the spot and we closed in less that 3 weeks. I didn’t have to clean up or fix anything on the property which was a blessing. Thanks guys for turning a difficult situations into a stress free transaction.”
Mary Kay
Mary Kay
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“Finding ourselves in significant credit card debt, it occurred to us that we had the solution to pay off our bills right in front of us…a rental property with no mortgage! I contacted Sergio with EP Sell Now, to see if they might be interested in buying our property. After a quick visit to the house, Sergio made us a fair cash offer that was based on market value and condition. Even though we had a long time renter occupying the house a short time later we had a check in hand! Selling was a seamless process and did not involve a realtor or paying commissions. Sergio and the his team made this a very pleasant and lucrative experience!”
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When you accept our offer, you get to pick out your moving date and how to spend your equity.

Cash Home Buyers in Fort Bliss, TX 79906

Benefits Of Selling Houses To Cash House Buyers In Fort Bliss, TX

Selling a house in TX is not as simple as one might think. The process includes stressful moments such as preparing for the home sale, locating a real estate agent, contacting potential home buyers, adhering to the purchase terms, and waiting for months before receiving cash for your property.

These and other steps test your patience levels during the home selling process. Unfortunately, you simply do not have the time or opportunity to be patient in some cases. Fortunately, cash home buyers in El Paso County can make a significant difference in such a case.

Still not convinced that selling your home is a good idea in Fort Bliss, TX? A cash buyer in TX typically has all of the funds necessary to purchase a house quickly without the need for a mortgage.

This person has the cash needed to buy your home without a loan or mortgage. Continue reading to learn about some of the advantages of selling your house fast to the cash home buyers in Fort Bliss.

Advantages Of Selling Houses To Cash House Buyers In Fort Bliss, TX

A cash house buyer is the newest trend in the home-selling industry. They will assist you in making the home selling process as simple as possible.

This process eliminates the need for third parties, making it faster and less expensive. If this isn’t enough, there are numerous other advantages to selling your property to cash home buyers in Fort Bliss, TX. They are as follows:

1) Free Of Real Estate Commissions

Real estate agents take a certain percentage of the total amount you receive from the sale of your home. You do not need to hire a real estate agent to seek cash home buyers in El Paso County when selling your house.

Without the assistance of a professional, you can easily find an experienced home buying company in TX. Moreover, there will be no real estate commissions; the entire amount you receive from this sale is yours.

2) A Reasonable Cash Offer For Your Home

You get a fair price for your home, even if the buyer pays cash. You should determine the value of your home first to help you in ensuring that you receive a fair cash offer.

You can end the deal with the price worth selling your house based on the size of the home, assets, repairs needed, and overall condition of the house.

You tell the cash buyers what price you want to sell your home, and they give you their budget. If your digits differ, you negotiate and settle on an amount you agree on.

3) Reduced Closing Costs

When you apply for a mortgage, your lender will charge you for numerous services, which will be added to the amount you owe at the closing date. For example, the charges like lender fees, application fees, loan origination fees, and discount points are added.

Other costs associated with the loan or home purchase mandated by the lender, such as a lender’s title insurance policy, may also apply.

When you sell your home to home buying companies in Fort Bliss, TX, you avoid lender-related closing costs, which means lower closing costs.

4) Quick Closing

While it can take anywhere from 120 to 180 days to sell your home traditionally, you can close the deal in as little as seven days if you sell to a home buying company.

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You can also choose another closing date or a time convenient for you, which the home buying company is willing to accommodate.

5) Simplified Closing Procedure

Barring significant issues, paying with cash will also likely make the closing process easier for you. You won’t be responsible for keeping track of all the documentation that the borrowers must send to their mortgage lenders.

Cash House Buyer In Fort Bliss, TX

EP Sell Now in Fort Bliss, TX is a crew of experienced homebuyers who will guide you through the entire process, from the initial phone call to the closing table. It must be a massive victory for us for a deal to work.

There are no additional fees or commissions to pay. Since validation takes time, the entire procedure is hassle-free and can be completed in as little as a week.

We buy your house ‘as-it-is,’ which means you don’t have to do any repairs or cleaning. We also accept an ugly house as the state of the house doesn’t matter to us!

Our team of cash home buyers in the EP Sell Now will help you move, relocate, store, and anything else you may require to start your new life.

During our initial consultation, we will present you with several options to make the most informed decision about how to sell your house for cash in El Paso County.

We assist you with the qualified homebuyers at EP Sell Now in Fort Bliss, TX. We’re here to help, so give us a call today on 915-233-1515.

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